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Xperia devices and the Three network - how to fix data drops

I thought I’d share a quick tweak that applies to most of Sony’s Xperia Android phones. If you’re on the Three network and travel around a fair bit you’ll notice that occasionally you’ll lose the data connection and it won’t always come back until you reboot the phone. Very annoying.

This happens because Three still have some 2G roaming agreements in place for areas they don’t have coverage. That doesn’t include data roaming however and a lot of devices (including the iPhone still) have trouble with this.

The way to fix this is to set the ‘Network Mode’ to ‘4G/WCMA’. Annoyingly you can’t set this in the ‘Mobile Network Settings’ section, you’ll need to go into hidden service menu to get to the setting. From the dialler, type this:


'Service' is typed as you would on a T9 predictive text keyboard, so thats one key press per letter.

Once your into the service menu, choose ‘Network Mode’ and then within this menu choose ‘LTE_WCDMA’.

You’ll see the radio stack reboot (so you’ll lose your connection while it does this).

No longer shall you experience the annoying ‘data never comes back’ issue.

It goes without saying that changing this setting is at your own risk.